Sunday, February 9, 2014

Who Made the News??

Hey Readers,

Just a quick update for tonight. I made a few changes to the blog to make it easier for you to find the info you need faster. If you look just below the blog title, you will see a menu bar with nifty buttons to take you places far and near to assist you in avoiding being a victim.

Go ahead and click them, make sure they work.... I will wait here.


Who takes care of you??

Better yet, who is in the news yet again???

Could it be my boy, Josh Socher????

Well, of course it is!

Just as I am in the middle of researching another big scammer, Josh decided to get my attention again. I guess he needs more of my focused attention!?

Well, that will make his brother Maxx Socher happy, cause he was getting a little tired of my attention.

All I want him to do is answer my questions about his "merger," and we could move on, but he just wants to avoid it and yell at me, or beg me to take his name off this blog in the comment sections and slings around the word defamation like he actually understands the meaning. 

It is only defamation if it is NOT true. I responded to his comments and asked him again about the supposed merger, and asked him to point out anything I have posted that isn't true. I am awaiting his response, with an actual answer.

But wait a minute.... I am getting distracted again! I am also feeling rather special with all this fighting over my attention by those Socher boys!! Don't they know this lesbian has no need for boys?

Shall we get down to business?

I have had a bit of luck in last 24 hours in being able to have a conversation with the former COO of Ryder Moving and Storage. We have exchanged messages and I have provided him with some information in return.

While I am not ready to give him a glowing endorsement, I have offered him the chance to tell his side of the story. He told his side of the story to the news crew, but in typical fashion, they used 15 seconds of a 20 minute discussion.

I think he is trying to step up and do the right thing, and it started with an apology to me in a message back in December that went to my "other" folder unnoticed until yesterday. We talked for a couple hours and I am verifying some of the things he is telling me, and so far they are true. I can't verify everything,  but if  95% has proven true, I can't negate the other 5% at this point.

The fact he is cooperating with the local FL authorities also builds some trust with me. For now,  I will say, "stay tuned" and "we will see what happens!"

Now back to the news!

Josh, my boy, how can you with a straight face stand on camera and say the following?
“I’m a victim based on my COO – what he did to me. He split and ran and left everything in my lap when it wasn’t even my department and I wasn’t even experienced in it,” Socher said. 
Socher said he is cooperating with the Department of Transportation. 
“Believe you me, I feel horrible about all these people. That’s why I’ve been working with these people for the last month … I’ve been trying to make sure everyone gets their things. I feel terrible,” Socher said.
First off, he claim he did not have "experience" in that department... Dude, you owned the company, it was your job the get the experience, especially after the many years you have been in the moving business! 

It is easy to claim a former employee "did it" but ultimately the responsibly of having a business means being responsible for the things that go wrong, not just racking in other people's money to pay for your $500,000 house!

Can I just say I have my fingers crossed someone can get a lien placed on the house so he can't sell it?? If you are a victim of Josh Socher and Jodi Socher's company, you might want to explore getting a temporary order that prevents him and/or his wife from selling the home, so you have a way to recoup some of your losses. Please have your attorney take a look at your options and see if it is possible!

Second, did you see the mess he left in that office?

Josh, why are you NOT responding to the insurance companies, or the credit card companies? Why are you NOT responding to the legal letters?

How is that "cooperating?" 

You got fined and closed down by the DOT! The victims can't get their stuff back from the DOT! They can only get it back from you, and your wife!

Speaking of his wife, I think the news stations need a comment from the listed VP of the company, Jodi Strosberg Socher! I may have to send an email to update the reporter about who is who over there, and see if Jodi can add to the story of you cooperating!? Maybe as the listed VP it is time for her to step up and cooperate with people, to help get their stuff back?

I wonder if the reason he went on camera is that he is hoping it will boost his acting and modeling career?

My sources say he is good in manipulating people, making them feel sorry for him, making them do what he wants them to do, and are concerned if he went in front of a jury, he would just get out of it.

I say, let's test that theory out! 

Why hasn't the County Prosecutor or the State Attorney filed any criminal charges?

They could subpeona the financial records of the company, along with his personal bank account statements and track the money. 

I know, because I have worked with other victims of other scams and was able to track down a victims $15,000 through deposits and transactions. As soon as the. Only was taken, it was spent on a car, spa days and many other things not related to the investment. The victim was scammed by his own daughter, and had copies of her bank statements. 

So, I challenge the officials there to dig a little deeper, and file some charges already. He should not be allowed to walk the streets, go into real estate and potentially scam more people in the state of Florida.