Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I Found Without Trying

Hello AGAIN!

I ran across some useful information and wanted to share the screenshots I grabbed for you to do with as you wish, since it is public information and came up with a simple search. I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible, who have been harmed by the fabulous Socher couple!

Here are a couple other companies listed to Joshua Socher. This information was pulled from Bizpedia, and appears current as of  August 28, 2012. Granted the information is older, but it helps trace other victims in order to assist them in any way I can.

Now, I am just having some fun! It seems there is a whole lot of Socher relationships that are MOVERS and have some kind of COMPLAINT filed against them. 

Meet Maxx J. Socher! He is friends with Josh Socher on Facebook. Based on the name I think it is safe to assume they may be related!? Josh seems to like his post about a Groupon!

Maxx seems to have a blog, where he talks extensively about how to pick the right mover. Most of the content appears to be a revamp of what you can find on Protect Your Move. He also has a few fans on Rip Off Report!

What I find absolutely mind boggling is the fact that with so many complaints in so many places the Socher boys are allowed to operate any business in the state of Florida!?? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Pam Bondi? Why isn't she taking these people down?

It is absolutely obvious there are shady business practices going on, based on the similar complaints for both of these Sochers. Why are they still on the street?

I found some other interesting information tonight. Read on for an interesting tale of a merger that is not a "merger!"

Interesting that Full Service Van Lines was formerly Moving and Storage Accounting Service Inc. (listed agents are Grace Metzger and Maxx Socher) are merging with Remax Van Lines which is listed as a fictitious name for Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. (listed agents are Grace Metzger and Maxx Socher).

This press release was done on Jan. 7, 2014 and makes it sound like these 2 big moving companies are merging, when it fact, based on the documents filed with the State of Florida, it is all the same people, under one company.
Read the merger notice and then follow along. 
PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 7, 2014 - POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Representatives from Remax Van Lines Inc., Pompano Beach, FL and Full Service Van Lines Inc, Pompano Beach, FL, are proud to announce a definitive merger agreement to consolidate into a unified cooperative. The consolidated company will assume business as Full Service Van Lines.

Remax Vanlines members were eligible to vote on the proposed merger. The merger was finalized with the result of a majority vote over 97% in favor of the merger. A total of nearly 95% of all Remax Van Lines members voted.

The proposal to consolidate was a result of careful consideration and extensive research conducted by both Boards of Directors and managers. The merger came about based on several key factors identified by both companies. The cooperatives determined that pursuing a merger is the best way to maintain pace with customers’ ever-changing demands of reputable moving companies, full service movers, office relocation, and storage needs. The consolidation of the companies will help improve and expand service areas in order to meet the present and future needs of potential customers.

Full Service Van Lines (formerly Moving and Storage Accounting Services Inc), was established in 1986. The company experienced growth and acquisitions for many years and in 1990, the Full Service Van Lines brand was established. Full Service is of course a full-service moving and storage company, specializing in all categories of moving services including but not limited to, long distance residential relocation services, local moving, and commercial moving services. The company currently operates in several states and now, with the merger, has doubled both warehouse space and fleet size.

“This unification means growth for not only our companies, but also for the amount of customers that we can provide top quality services to for years to come. Our goal in all of this has been to do what is in the best interest for our personnel, our customers, and to provide a peace of mind to customers looking to move with a reputable company with now a combined 40 years experience” says Ryan Harlett, general manager of Full Service Van Lines. “The No. 1 reason to merge companies is to unite two of the top rated moving carriers which both have proven track records and to continue success for our customers, our employees and carry on the Full Service legacy as a whole.”

Expanding its territory east, north, and west. Remax Van Lines currently operates in 10 locations and consists of 13 straight trucks, three tractor trailers, and a 8,000 square foot state of the art storage facility.

“Our Board’s goal has been to do the right thing for our employees, for the members of our cooperative, and for future generations of the members of our cooperative. I believe that we have accomplished that goal,” says Grace Metzger, owner of Remax Van Lines.

“We look forward to serving the Remax Van Lines and Full Service Van Lines customers  with assets attained through this merger and with future equipment and facility investments that are in the development stages," says Metzger. “We’re also very eager and excited to welcome the Remax Van Lines employees into the Full Service Van Lines family.”

Media may direct questions to the following contacts:

Ryan Harlett, General Manager, Full Service Van Lines: Office: 954-510-3227 Ext. 2000

Jason Stokes, General Manager, Remax Van Lines: 866-228-0760 Ext. 3000

Media Contact
Full Service Van Lines
Now, go here and see the fictitious name filing:

Clearly, Remax is also Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. which is a Maxx Socher and Grace Metzger company.

Now stay with me.... and go here and look at this:

There is no "MERGER!"

BOTH Remax Van Lines and Full Service Van Lines are actually Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. The addresses are the same, the players are the same and the state of Florida has the proof.

I am not sure who Ryan Harlett and Jason Stokes are, but they are not the listed agents for these companies. Nope, indeed the listed agents are Grace Metzger- President and drum roll please Maxx 
Socher- Vice President.

I told Josh Socher I was a research expert. All the dots are coming together, and it all points to SCAM! I am still digging to see what his role in all this might be, for my own case against them.

Hope this information is helpful to some of the victims!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Please do not connect me with my brother. Yes, in the past I was a Sales Representative for these moving companies, yes it was a mistake working for a company which i was not firmiliar with how they did business. I split up working and speaking with my brother over 2 years ago. I do not have contact neither personal nor business wise. I have a daughter, i have a fiance, I have a business which I run CLEAN, the ripoff reports you see were written BY MY BROTHER in an attempt to hurt me for what he views as "turning my back on him." I have made all the amends in this world that I could possibly make, my only regret was every working with him and helping him. Throughout the ENTIRE time working with him I NEVER stole, robbed, cheated, scammed or hurt ANYONE. I was simply a salesman for a company which ended up going against MY MORALS and thats when I LEFT the company and started a mover which does THE RIGHT THING. Please I am begging you to not connect me with My brother, i wish I would have changed my name a long time ago to not be associated with him. I am not hiding, i am not a scammer, and the assumptions that I am doing something wrong based on reports written 2-5 years ago is unfair. I have helped numerous people which have contacted me looking for my brother realize that just becasue we share the SAME NAME doesnt mean we are THE SAME PERSON. please, please, let me continue with my life.

  2. Maxx,

    You did not address the issue regarding the press release about the "merger." How can you claim you are not doing anything wrong, when you are not addressing the real issue? Your name is here for what you are doing, which is operating multiple fictitious names which are owned by one company, claiming they are 2 bigger companies merging!

    If you are not doing anything wrong and operating a clean company, riddle me this... Why do you need multiple fictitious names? If you and your company are honest, treating customers the right way, you should only need one company name and it should be in good standing in every online community without any claims you ripped people off!

    I have had people contact me because of your last name, because they were concerned you and Josh were in fact the same person. They relayed their moving horror stories to me, and I started looking into you, and found you have your own issues.

    Now, for your claim you were just the salesman....

    No.... You were the VP, according to the state of Florida. So, you either lied to them, or you are being dishonest in your comment. It has to be one or the either, and it welcome your comments regarding the merger, the role you actually played within the multiple companies and most importantly, why two days after I busted you on this blog you started yet another company, MJSP trucking?

    I await your response to this comment and the other comments I replied to, as I have made you the offer as to how you can get your name removed from this blog. Everything I have posted, can be found through the links I have provided and is factual according to the state of Florida, unless you are lying on the corporation paperwork.

    As for you getting on with your life.... Please do, and while you do, think about all the people who hired the companies you "worked for" in good faith, who were scammed, while you simply walked away, without lifting a finger to report the people committing the scams. How long did it take for them to recover their losses? Have all of them been able to get on with their lives?

  3. I did not mean what I said about my brother josh. that was very very very very wrong of me. I can only imagine what it made him feel to read his own brother writing those things. I love him very much and was very upset about the situation and hurt from what he is going through. You don't know josh, you don't know how much of a great person he truly is, and these blogs and people posting things all over the internet shows NO direct connection to his actual self nor character. I have made mistakes in my past also, and the major point I was truly trying to convey was that I have no affiliation with his company/companies, not does he with mine. We are 2 separate human beings which are in the same industry. I apologize for everything you may have gone through, but please realize you are dealing with a person here who is already going through a lot.


  4. Maxx,

    Maybe you should realize there are many PEOPLE who "have already gone through a lot" and continue to go through a lot because of your darling brother!

    What kind of "great person" scams people? What HE is going through??

    Sorry, give me a freaking break!!!

    I have no sympathy for your brother, based on his actions, lack of integrity, and lack of taking responsibility. He wants to blame Joey Pino for everything that happened, yet makes no effort to take any responsibility for his own actions.

    Do you have any sympathy for the fact that many of his victims are out of thousands of dollars? Do you have any sympathy for the fact that many of his victims have lost precious memories and mementos from their lives that can NEVER be replaced?

    I saw one arrogant bastard on the news claiming he was the victim, who has ZERO remorse for his actions! I saw a wannabe actor playing a little role hoping for a big break!

    When my insurance company tried to contact him regarding our claim for damages, he ignored them completely, 72 times. This resulted in a delay, and in less compensation for what we lost in our move.

    Your darling brother refuses to reverse the charges on our credit card, or reimburse us for the cost of $2,000 to set up our house to get our 7 year old daughter settled, while we waited for him to call us back after they picked our stuff up. What kind of "good person" does that reflect? What kind of person IGNORES repeated attempts to get our stuff back, and then denies he was aware of any problem??

    Do you have any sympathy for the trauma it caused our family to have to sleep on the floor, or explain to our daughter where her belongings were? Do you have any sympathy for the stress it caused us, not knowing if we would ever see our family photos, baby clothes or family heirlooms again? Do you have any sympathy for the anguish it caused when we opened boxes to find so much damage to things that will cost hundred and in some cases thousands of dollars to repair?

    If you believe his "goodness" so very much, maybe you can loan him the money to pay me back the $3,902 he owes me, along with the money he owes hundreds of other victims.

    I gave Josh, my boy, an option for making things right with me and other victims. He refused to take it. I asked him to reimburse me for our out of pocket losses and costs, publicly apologize, and cooperate with the DOT, MoveRescue and compensate the many other victims for their losses. I told him once the victims were compensated, or got thrive belongings back, I would update this blog and let people he did so.

    So far, he has done nothing but blame Joey for all his problems. What kind of man is that?

    He ran, abandoned his office, left mail unopened from State Attorney offices, refuses to cooperate with credit card companies and insurance companies, and lies, lies, lies to the news crews.

    You are asking me to have sympathy for him because "he is going through a lot?" He isn't going through much compared to the people who were scammed and lost EVERYTHING!

    There is no amount of "stuff" he can go through, short of prison time that will compensate for the damage and scamming he has caused others.

    If you want to help him, and restore the Socher name, maybe you can talk him into being a man of integrity and actually DOING THE RIGHT THING, and take me up on my offer. Until then, this blog stands and I will keep reporting on anything involving the Socher name!

    As for you, I am still waiting for an answer to the "merger" question!