Sunday, January 26, 2014

Someone Got A Lien!

Digging in the Florida Files is so much fun!

Looks like Josh my boy is getting hit with some lawsuits and may be losing! He has a lien against him from his Storage and Moving Services, a.k.a. Ryder Moving and Storage days!

Again, public records are amazing and wonderful!

Here is a copy of Josh my boy's company details from his TRANS AMERICAN VAN LINES OF FLORIDA INC.

AND.... here is a copy of the lien processed thru 01/17/2014 for... you guessed it Josh my boy's company TRANS AMERICAN VAN LINES OF FLORIDA INC! I love that it is in effect until 4/11/2033!

Again, I ask why isn't Pam Bondi doing something about all this? He starts a company, scams a bunch of people, gets sued, has a lien against his company, so he dissolves the company, and starts a new one, repeat, repeat, repeat!

The voters in FLORIDA need to stand up and say "NO MORE SCAMS!"

Maybe Maxx will give Josh my boy a job! He may need one real soon, or maybe some money put in a commissary account!

Stay tuned!


  1. Please call me. Instead of Slandering my name on the internet, why dont you just contact ME directly. I am very upfront and open to ANY discussion. I am sorry you had a bad experience wiht MY BROTHER, that is NOT ME, NOT MY COMPANY, NOT MY ACTIONS, NOT MY PERSONALITY, NOT MY BUSINESS ETHICS, NOT MY FAULT.Please take off MY NAME, I have a 14 month old daughter, I have not worked wtih MY BROHTER who is a fucking piece of trash scammer. I have no even SPOKEN with him in over a year and a half! Please PLEASE PLEASE, look at MY company, MY COMPANY HAS 0 COMPLAINTS, we are a fantastic mover. We do NOT rip people off, all my customers are SATISFIED. thats why YOU ARE NOT MY CUSTOMER. I AM sorry you went through this with the company, but please do not bring me into my brothers business. PLEASE. I have enough of a scarlett letter from him.

  2. Maxx,

    I am finding it very difficult to believe a word you are saying based on what I am finding. This blog is not just about your brother, but thanks for confirming he is a scam artist!

    Please explain the fake press release about the "merger" Grace Metzger put out about Remax Van Lines and Full Service Van Lines "merging" when in fact they are owned by your company Moving and Storage Accounting Inc.?

    Do you not think it is misleading as hell to put something out like that, when it is really one single company using 3 different names? Wait I forgot you started a new company up MJSP Trucking Company, under the same Pompano Beach Address?

    And, what about that new business partner Jacob? He has a few reports on various sites complaining about his business practices! Was that your brother too!?

    If you are concerned about your 14 month old daughter, may I suggest you spend more time running an honest business with honest business partners and honest business practices that don't result in so many complaints, in order for her to be proud of her father and the Socher name!?

    I find in life it is easier to just do the right thing verses sitting around trying to think up new ways to screw people over. I will make you the same offer I made your brother, Josh.

    A very public apology to the people you and your company have hurt, reimbursement to each and every victim, cooperate and work with Move Rescue, DOT and the Florida State Attorney to get the scam mover off the street and testify against those prosecuted for fraud if you have knowledge of their business dealings.

    Agree and do those things, and once I confirm you have done so, I will update this blog and tell the world you are in fact a stand up kind of guy. Until then, any information I find connected to complaints or scams will continue to be published here.

    I sincerely hope the day comes that I can take your name off this site. But I am not going to hold my breath.