Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Am Not Surprised To Find More Lies

Hey folks,

Wanted to give you an update, regarding Ryder Moving and Storage, a.k.a. Storage and Moving Services, which is owned by Josh M. and Jodi Socher.

As I posted the last time, Mr. Socher had been in touch, making promises to do the right thing, and clean up the mess he claims Joey Pino made. Well, as expected, after a couple emails, communication has once again stopped.

One of the things I explained to Mr. Socher that I expected was his full cooperation with the claim adjustors at Baker International. We took out a policy with them and filed a claim to have the furniture and items destroyed by Mr. Socher's company.

The response from him in an emailed to me dated, Friday, December 13, 2013 states (please excuse his lack of proper capitalization and punctuation):

"You mentioned you were dealing with baker insurance, in which case you must have taken out "full replacement insurance" as that was the company we had been using for customer's needing extra protection/insurance. Baker is a private company, in which when you signed up with them they actually take care of whatever damages you might have incurred from your move. If you need anything from me to provide to them for whatever reason please let me know Mrs Ward and i will do what i can to help you."
Imagine my lack of surprise when the adjustor called me and asked me for copies of all our paperwork, when she could NOT get a response from Mr. Socher. I let Baker know that Mr. Socher had been fined by the DOT and that as far as I could tell, the whole company was fraudulent and had several news stories out there about them.

Josh, Josh, Josh... what happened to that conscious you keep claiming you have when it comes to all the people your employees and company have hurt? More lies will not clear your good name or the name of your wife, who you claim has nothing to do with any of this.

It is really not surprising that there was a fine from the DOT and there appear to be several criminal investigations being conducted by the Florida State Attorney's office. I might have to give them a call and see if I can be of any assistance to them, provide them with copies of all our documents and offer to testify on the behalf of the other victims.

We did get our stuff back, but this fight isn't just about us and the hell we were put through financially. There are lots of people out there having a rougher time and my goal is to help them in ANY way I can.

But first, let's break for the news!! Go check this out... I will wait for you to get back!

Ryder Moving and Storage FINED by DOT- Can't Move Customers out of State

See, this to me is great news!!

Did you catch this part? "
"The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has revoked the interstate operating authority of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Ryder Moving and Storage, USDOT No. 2305174, for serious violations of federal safety regulations," said spokesman for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Duane DeBruyne. The company is also facing a $50,260 fine for safety and commercial regulation violations."
Here is an actual list of the violations, which I happened to email the company, including Jodi Socher about back in September!

According to federal regulators, the company was fined for the following violations:
395.8(a) Hours-of-service
391.45(a) Medical certificate
391.51(a) Driver qualification files 
375.205(b) Records maintenance 
375.207(a) False or deceptive advertising 
375.215 False or deceptive billing
375.221(a) Collection of billing charges
375.503(e) Billing records maintenance 
375.505(d) Retention of bills of lading 
392.9a(a)(1) Operating without USDOT authority
375.403(a)(7) Failure to execute binding estimate
Mr. Socher tried to complain in an email to me (exact copy and paste, so excuse his punctuation and capitalization mistakes):
"I have lost over $50,000 since our company has opened, so as much as you might think "i made out" it is just the opposite as i could not even take salary from the company but just invest more money in it!"
No, Mr. Socher, you were fined over $50,000, you did not just "lose it!"

See, as a business man, with many years of complaints about you specifically and apparently every moving company you have ever been involved in, one would think, that one would learn from one's past mistakes. It is called personal growth and doing the right thing. When you don't grow as a human being and repeatedly fail to do the right thing, there are consequences, Josh my boy! Sometimes those consequences are in the tune of $50, 260.00 and multiple investigations!

I am digging around some more today and as things pop up, I will come back with an update.

But before I go, I want to take a second and say that our experience so far with Baker International Insurance has been great! Our adjustor has processed everything, and we should have a check in a couple weeks to cover the cost of repairing all our antiques and replacing the items that have been damaged.

Once the check gets here and clears the bank, I will offer a more detailed review. I suggest that if you are about to move, check into your home owner's insurance to see if they cover any loss or damage in transit and if not, invest in a 3rd party moving insurance to save your sanity!

PS. I got a Christmas present without even realizing it! Sometimes the government sites take a bit to process everything!

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