Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pam Bondi FINALLY Does Her Job!!

Hey readers!


FINALLY.... FL State Attorney General, Pam Bondi does her job and goes after Josh and Jodi Socher!!!

Now, let me say for the record, Joey Pino has been assisting me in my attempts to recoup some of our losses. So far, he has done the right thing and I want to give him credit for his efforts. I am hopeful the authorities will take his efforts into consideration if and when this goes to court.

But back to my happy dance!!

Go here and dance with me!

Then go here!

And finally here!

Wait, there is more!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- Today Attorney General Pam Bondi announced the filing of a lawsuit against Storage & Moving Services, Inc. d/b/a Ryder Moving and Storage and its owners Jose Pino, Jodi Socher and Joshua Socher. The lawsuit follows an investigation by the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division during which more than a hundred consumer complaints were reviewed.
According to the lawsuit, filed late last week, Ryder Moving and Storage picked up customer’s belongings but never delivered them, collected money for services never provided, and refused to pay for damage to customers property, among other things.
The filed complaint also alleges that Ryder Moving and Storage induced consumers to use its moving services by misrepresenting to them that the Hollywood, Florida company was affiliated with the national moving company, Ryder System, Inc. There is no connection between the two companies. 
“These customers entrusted their clothing, furniture and family heirlooms to this company, only to have them broken and, in many cases, lost,” said Attorney General Pam Bondi. “We will continue to shut down intrastate moving companies within the state of Florida that prey on our consumers.”
The Attorney General’s lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against the defendants which would prohibit each of them from ever engaging in any business activity or operation in Florida involving or related to the marketing and/or sale of intrastate moving services. The suit also seeks an award of civil penalties and restitution for customers. 
Ryder Moving and Storage customers who wish to file a complaint with our office or complete an affidavit that may assist in the lawsuit may do so by visiting the Attorney General’s website or by calling the fraud hotline at 1-866-966-7226.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Who Made the News??

Hey Readers,

Just a quick update for tonight. I made a few changes to the blog to make it easier for you to find the info you need faster. If you look just below the blog title, you will see a menu bar with nifty buttons to take you places far and near to assist you in avoiding being a victim.

Go ahead and click them, make sure they work.... I will wait here.


Who takes care of you??

Better yet, who is in the news yet again???

Could it be my boy, Josh Socher????

Well, of course it is!

Just as I am in the middle of researching another big scammer, Josh decided to get my attention again. I guess he needs more of my focused attention!?

Well, that will make his brother Maxx Socher happy, cause he was getting a little tired of my attention.

All I want him to do is answer my questions about his "merger," and we could move on, but he just wants to avoid it and yell at me, or beg me to take his name off this blog in the comment sections and slings around the word defamation like he actually understands the meaning. 

It is only defamation if it is NOT true. I responded to his comments and asked him again about the supposed merger, and asked him to point out anything I have posted that isn't true. I am awaiting his response, with an actual answer.

But wait a minute.... I am getting distracted again! I am also feeling rather special with all this fighting over my attention by those Socher boys!! Don't they know this lesbian has no need for boys?

Shall we get down to business?

I have had a bit of luck in last 24 hours in being able to have a conversation with the former COO of Ryder Moving and Storage. We have exchanged messages and I have provided him with some information in return.

While I am not ready to give him a glowing endorsement, I have offered him the chance to tell his side of the story. He told his side of the story to the news crew, but in typical fashion, they used 15 seconds of a 20 minute discussion.

I think he is trying to step up and do the right thing, and it started with an apology to me in a message back in December that went to my "other" folder unnoticed until yesterday. We talked for a couple hours and I am verifying some of the things he is telling me, and so far they are true. I can't verify everything,  but if  95% has proven true, I can't negate the other 5% at this point.

The fact he is cooperating with the local FL authorities also builds some trust with me. For now,  I will say, "stay tuned" and "we will see what happens!"

Now back to the news!

Josh, my boy, how can you with a straight face stand on camera and say the following?
“I’m a victim based on my COO – what he did to me. He split and ran and left everything in my lap when it wasn’t even my department and I wasn’t even experienced in it,” Socher said. 
Socher said he is cooperating with the Department of Transportation. 
“Believe you me, I feel horrible about all these people. That’s why I’ve been working with these people for the last month … I’ve been trying to make sure everyone gets their things. I feel terrible,” Socher said.
First off, he claim he did not have "experience" in that department... Dude, you owned the company, it was your job the get the experience, especially after the many years you have been in the moving business! 

It is easy to claim a former employee "did it" but ultimately the responsibly of having a business means being responsible for the things that go wrong, not just racking in other people's money to pay for your $500,000 house!

Can I just say I have my fingers crossed someone can get a lien placed on the house so he can't sell it?? If you are a victim of Josh Socher and Jodi Socher's company, you might want to explore getting a temporary order that prevents him and/or his wife from selling the home, so you have a way to recoup some of your losses. Please have your attorney take a look at your options and see if it is possible!

Second, did you see the mess he left in that office?

Josh, why are you NOT responding to the insurance companies, or the credit card companies? Why are you NOT responding to the legal letters?

How is that "cooperating?" 

You got fined and closed down by the DOT! The victims can't get their stuff back from the DOT! They can only get it back from you, and your wife!

Speaking of his wife, I think the news stations need a comment from the listed VP of the company, Jodi Strosberg Socher! I may have to send an email to update the reporter about who is who over there, and see if Jodi can add to the story of you cooperating!? Maybe as the listed VP it is time for her to step up and cooperate with people, to help get their stuff back?

I wonder if the reason he went on camera is that he is hoping it will boost his acting and modeling career?

My sources say he is good in manipulating people, making them feel sorry for him, making them do what he wants them to do, and are concerned if he went in front of a jury, he would just get out of it.

I say, let's test that theory out! 

Why hasn't the County Prosecutor or the State Attorney filed any criminal charges?

They could subpeona the financial records of the company, along with his personal bank account statements and track the money. 

I know, because I have worked with other victims of other scams and was able to track down a victims $15,000 through deposits and transactions. As soon as the. Only was taken, it was spent on a car, spa days and many other things not related to the investment. The victim was scammed by his own daughter, and had copies of her bank statements. 

So, I challenge the officials there to dig a little deeper, and file some charges already. He should not be allowed to walk the streets, go into real estate and potentially scam more people in the state of Florida.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Instructions On How To Dig Deep & Find The Truth- 11 Steps

Hey folks,

First, let me clarify something. This blog is not just about ONE scam moving company. It is about ALL the scam moving companies out there and my efforts to help as many people as I can to avoid them or recover from using them.

We were able to get our things back from Josh and Jodi Socher's scam company. It suffered a great deal of damage, but we got it back. Others have not been so lucky, or have suffered a greater loss than we did. When I read their stories, and have them contact me with what they are going through, it makes me want to help them.

The best way to help them is to shine a big, glaring spot light on the lack of regulation, and the incompetence of state offices in stopping these criminals. The best way to help or prevent future victims is to shine a light on these companies, post factual information, post screen grabs of the documents open to the public and teach people how to dig into the companies deep enough to know who they are dealing with BEFORE they sign a contract.

Getting an estimate from some company online or out of the phone book is not enough to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate moving company. You have to know who is operating these companies behind the name and find out if the name of the company is the legal name filed with the state or a fictitious name owned by the legally named company.

Why is this important? Well, if you go to Ripoff Report and search for a moving company, you may not find a single complaint. BUT... if you search for the owner of a company, or the licensed agent of a company, you may find a lot of complaints.

If you find the name of the owner of a moving company or the acing agent's name for a company, and simply run a Goggle search, you can find out even more about who you are giving your money to, before you sign the contract or credit card receipt.

Protect Your Move offers some great advice, but I don't think it goes far enough.  But we can use them to find out more about any moving company you may think about hiring, before you sign a contract. Granted, this is not a fool proof way to avoid ALL the potential problems a move might bring, but I think it is a good way to research a company as fully as possible before you hire them.

So, here is how you can start investigating a company in , oh I don't know, let's say Florida.

Step One: 

Check out the Protect Your Move website. READ the information there, especially the red flag check list.

Step Two:

Look on the Protect Your Move site, on the right hand of the screen, under the section "Important Resources."  The first link takes you to a searchable database. Click it!

Once you are on this page, look to the menu on the left hand side of the screen and click on "Search by State." Click it!

Scroll down and pick your state. In this example we are going to pick Florida.

We can then scroll down and look for the city where the mover is based. In this case we will look for oh, how about Pompano Beach, Florida, and a company named Remax Van Lines.  You will see some basic information about the company, and you will see this company has had 2 complaints filed against them.  In general I find this information rather useless, because not everyone takes the time to file an actual complaint, so this is where you need to start digging into the state of Florida and online for more information, if this is a company you are interested in using.

Step Three:

A basic Google Search will give you a few tidbits. This is where you need to scroll down and see if there is anything that catches your eyes, like negative reviews or anything posted on Ripoff Report. Since we can see there is a report posted about Remax van Lines on Ripoff Report, we can click on it and take a look at what people have to say.  Make sure you look at any comments or rebuttals to get the bigger picture. 

Remember, a lot of the times the scam artists will post fictitious positive reviews en mass to boost their own reputation. They also seem to build trust by posting videos about how to avoid a scam, when they are in fact running what appears to be, by all appearances a scam company.

Now, if you still want to consider using them, it is still a good idea to dig a little further. This is where you start looking for the owners of any company. 

Step Four:

Since this company is registered in the state of Florida, we can look for the incorporation paperwork. There are a couple ways to search the database. I like to start with the simplest way, which is by the company's name. We have the company listed at Remax Van Lines, so we will go to the Inquire by name link, which is listed first under the Corporations, Trademarks, Limited Partnerships, & Limited Liability Companies, and search for Remax Van Lines

What? The company did not show up here, which tells us that this company name is going to be searchable under the "fictitious name" database, because it is a d.b.a. company listing. This means we don't have the real company name yet, and that my friends is what we need before we hire them.

So, we want to click the back button on our browser twice and look conduct a search under the Fictitious Names tab, using the first link, Inquire by Fictitious Name. We again use Remax Van Lines as our search term and viola, there it is!

You may also want to look for other fictitious names  the company uses. This will help you avoid falling for a big "merger" story posted in a press release. If a single company owns both fictitious names registered to it, how can it merge? It seems to me that in order for two companies to "merge" they would have to be completely different companies. 

Let me restate, in case you missed this in my previous post, Full Service Van Lines is, according to the state of Florida, registered to:


FEI/EIN Number: 30-0697688
Document Number: P11000078227

Remax Van Lines is register to:


FEI/EIN Number: 30-0697688
Document Number: P11000078227

They are ALL the same company operating under 3 different names. Need proof? Read on my friend, read on!

Step Five:

Click on the listing for Remax Van Lines and find out what we need to know to search a little more. And, there it is... under Owner Information. Remax Van Lines are owned by Moving and Storage Accounting, Inc.
Step Six:

Now, we can go back and look for the information about Moving and Storage Accounting Inc, using the Inquire by Name link under the Corporations, Trademarks, Limited Partnerships, & Limited Liability Companies. 

When we do this, we notice two companies with very similar names. The first is Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. and the second is Moving and Storage Accounting Services Inc.

Why is this important? Well, if you click the first one, you will discover that the document number is P11000078227 and the Registered Agent is Grace Metzger. She is also listed at the President of the company and the Vice President is Maxx Socher. 

They have a few documents they must file with the state and you can click on each one to read them for yourself. For instance, they must file an address change, or any changes to the officers. 

Now, if you click on the second company Moving and Storage Accounting Services Inc. we discover their document number is P13000023641. We also find the registered agent and President is Grace Metzger. 

Step Seven: 

Now that we have the names of the Registered Agents, President and Vice President, we can go back and find out if there are any other companies they may own or have a stake in. So, we go back a couple clicks on our browser to Corporations, Trademarks, Limited Partnerships, & Limited Liability Companies and use the second link to search by Officer or Registered Agent.

We will search for Metzger, Grace, and see what comes up. Here we can find the same two companies she is associated with, but nothing else, but let's go look up Maxx Socher, by clicking the browser's back button once and typing in Socher, Maxx.

Now, now.... what do we have here? There are 6 listings for Maxx Socher. I am pretty confident all of these are for the same person, even with the middle initial used part of the time. But, let's take a look and see what we find.

 Step Eight:

We already know he is associated with Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. but lets take a look at some of the other companies and his associates. 

MOVING ACCOUNTING AND STORAGE INC, has an entity number of P12000054220 and Maxx Socher is listed as the VP again. He is associated with the President named Ashton L. Roedel. The company seems to have voluntarily dissolved.

MOVING SERVICES ACCOUNTING AND STORAGE INC is listed twice with an entity number of P12000102115 and Maxx Socher is listed as President and the Registered Agent. The company is listed as inactive.
FEDERAL MOVING SYSTEMS INC has an entity number of P10000007317 and Maxx Socher is listed as the Vice President.  The president is listed as Anthony C. Scoppetuolo. The company was dissolved on September 23, 2011.
Now, this is where things got a little interesting for me today, because there seems to be a new company associated with Maxx Socher as of January 24, 2014, which is the day after I posted my blog post about his scam of a "merger." 
MJSP TRUCKING INC. has a entity number of P14000007809 and Maxx Socher is listed as President along with Jacob Penaranda. The effective date for this company is Januaray 25, 2014. This is a mere 2 days after I busted them about the fake press release. 
So I went back and searched for MJSP Trucking Inc located at 4100 N. POWERLINE RD. SUITE L3 POMPANO BEACH, FL 33073. Wait a minute, where have I seen that address before? That's right it is the same address for Remax Van Lines, owned by Grace Metzger and Maxx Socher!
See, I am just throwing a dart in the dark here, but I am thinking the heat was turned up a bit and that because of this blog and based on the comment Maxx,, my boy, left on my other blog pleading with me to take his name off this blog, he has decided to start another company. Just a wild guess on my part, but I do find it telling, that a day after my blog mentioned him, he was off to start a new company.
The question again needs to be asked.... WHY does the state of Florida allow this to happen and where in the hell is Pam Bondi? Why isn't she getting tougher on these movers and preventing them from just starting another company when the jig is up on the last one?
Step Nine:
Use the information you find to search for any and all information regarding the people linked to the company you plan on using. 
Jacob Penaranda has had a few companies. It also looks like he has an arrest record. Of course all this information is public, you just have to know where to look. 
Maxx Socher claims in his note to me, that he has been "given a scarlet letter" because of his brother Josh Socher. 
I think he believes I give a damn? From everything I am finding in the public domain, he is earning a scarlet "S" all on his very own... with the "S" standing for SCAM!
From his comments in response to some of the reviews left about him and his company, he wants to throw the word "Slander" around a lot.  I thought it might be useful to him if he was provided a definition of slander.
Since I have provided verifiable links to everything written here, and the information is within a searchable and public domain, I am beyond certain that I am OK.
Besides the fact that the allegedly defamatory communication is essentially true is usually an absolute defense; the defendant need not verify every detail of the communication, as long as its substance can be established. 
Step Ten:
Make a plan to have a back up mover ready to pick up your goods, should there be a problem with the contracted movers. Budget your move for the most expensive estimate, in case you need to use a bigger, more well known company. Allow yourself an extra day or two, should you have scam artists show up at your house and need to utilize the back up movers.
Ask for details about your movers. You should be provided the name of every crew member in contact with your household goods. Ask to see identification in the form of a valid driver's license when the drivers and crew show up, and if it does not match what the company provided, close the door and call someone else. Take a minute to do a Google search on them, before you allow them to touch your stuff. 
Take lots of pictures before you start packing. All of the items you would find hard to replace, expensive to replace or that have any sentimental meaning, should be photographed from every angle. Take photos of the packed boxes to show what kind of condition they were in before they were loaded on the truck.
Take pictures of the truck picking up your items. The side of the truck should have the company's DOT information, take a picture of it for your records. Take a picture of the front and back license plates, and at least one shot of every side of the truck. If you need to file a police report, this information will be most helpful in the recovery of your items. 
If you can, take pictures of the people in contact with your household goods. Again, if you need to file a police report, this information can come in handy, especially if you are asked for a description of the people picking up your items. 
There are studies out that talk about the faulty memory people have on a normal day. When you are dealing with the stress of a move,  you can miss the little things. 
When your stuff comes off the truck, take pictures of any damage to boxes or furniture BEFORE you sign the Bill of Lading. 
Before you sign that bill of lading, make comments and notes about any damages your household goods have sustained. Add the notice "Company is not released from liability under any circumstances" before you sign anything. Make sure you retain a copy of that bill of lading.
If the crew who delivers your goods are different from the crew who picked it up, ask for ID, take pictures of the truck, including the DOT information, and the license plates. You never know what little bit of information, may come in handy later down the line. 
Step Eleven:
Keep everything in one place, so you can find it when you need it. I personally have a 3 inch binder with everything organized by tabs. I documented my phone calls and texts to the company, emails, company information, company complaints, contract and inventory list, bill of lading and then I have individual tabs for all the people associated with my scam movers. 
Any public information I find goes into the folder for future references for myself or for any victim needing access to that information, including attorneys for victims. I keep things like property records, company filings, newspaper stories and screen grabs of any tidbits of information that has the potential to disappear from the public domain.
I also keep a digital copy of everything, just in case, along with bookmarked links for easy access to the databases I search.
There you have it. I know this all seems like a real pain in the ass, but if I had done just 1/2 of the research, we would not have lost over $9,000 to a scam company. We would not have had all the expenses associated with setting up a house without our stuff, while we waited to see if our things would be delivered. We would not have lost time and energy in filing police reports, DOT complaints, insurance claim forms and disputes with our credit card company, and I would not have felt the need to start this blog.
So, yes, it is a pain in the ass to research everyone this deeply. If you don't want to or don't have the time, search the DOT website and Ripoff Report as a minimum. If you see anything there that gives you pause, cross the company off the short list and go to the next one.
If you find you are a victim of a scam moving company and your items are being held hostage, you should contact the folks over at Move Rescue. They are a non-profit and are there to help you if they can. They are funded by the larger moving companies, who are dedicated in stopping scam companies. 
Just like me!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Someone Got A Lien!

Digging in the Florida Files is so much fun!

Looks like Josh my boy is getting hit with some lawsuits and may be losing! He has a lien against him from his Storage and Moving Services, a.k.a. Ryder Moving and Storage days!

Again, public records are amazing and wonderful!

Here is a copy of Josh my boy's company details from his TRANS AMERICAN VAN LINES OF FLORIDA INC.

AND.... here is a copy of the lien processed thru 01/17/2014 for... you guessed it Josh my boy's company TRANS AMERICAN VAN LINES OF FLORIDA INC! I love that it is in effect until 4/11/2033!

Again, I ask why isn't Pam Bondi doing something about all this? He starts a company, scams a bunch of people, gets sued, has a lien against his company, so he dissolves the company, and starts a new one, repeat, repeat, repeat!

The voters in FLORIDA need to stand up and say "NO MORE SCAMS!"

Maybe Maxx will give Josh my boy a job! He may need one real soon, or maybe some money put in a commissary account!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things I Found Without Trying

Hello AGAIN!

I ran across some useful information and wanted to share the screenshots I grabbed for you to do with as you wish, since it is public information and came up with a simple search. I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible, who have been harmed by the fabulous Socher couple!

Here are a couple other companies listed to Joshua Socher. This information was pulled from Bizpedia, and appears current as of  August 28, 2012. Granted the information is older, but it helps trace other victims in order to assist them in any way I can.

Now, I am just having some fun! It seems there is a whole lot of Socher relationships that are MOVERS and have some kind of COMPLAINT filed against them. 

Meet Maxx J. Socher! He is friends with Josh Socher on Facebook. Based on the name I think it is safe to assume they may be related!? Josh seems to like his post about a Groupon!

Maxx seems to have a blog, where he talks extensively about how to pick the right mover. Most of the content appears to be a revamp of what you can find on Protect Your Move. He also has a few fans on Rip Off Report!

What I find absolutely mind boggling is the fact that with so many complaints in so many places the Socher boys are allowed to operate any business in the state of Florida!?? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Pam Bondi? Why isn't she taking these people down?

It is absolutely obvious there are shady business practices going on, based on the similar complaints for both of these Sochers. Why are they still on the street?

I found some other interesting information tonight. Read on for an interesting tale of a merger that is not a "merger!"

Interesting that Full Service Van Lines was formerly Moving and Storage Accounting Service Inc. (listed agents are Grace Metzger and Maxx Socher) are merging with Remax Van Lines which is listed as a fictitious name for Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. (listed agents are Grace Metzger and Maxx Socher).

This press release was done on Jan. 7, 2014 and makes it sound like these 2 big moving companies are merging, when it fact, based on the documents filed with the State of Florida, it is all the same people, under one company.
Read the merger notice and then follow along. 
PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 7, 2014 - POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Representatives from Remax Van Lines Inc., Pompano Beach, FL and Full Service Van Lines Inc, Pompano Beach, FL, are proud to announce a definitive merger agreement to consolidate into a unified cooperative. The consolidated company will assume business as Full Service Van Lines.

Remax Vanlines members were eligible to vote on the proposed merger. The merger was finalized with the result of a majority vote over 97% in favor of the merger. A total of nearly 95% of all Remax Van Lines members voted.

The proposal to consolidate was a result of careful consideration and extensive research conducted by both Boards of Directors and managers. The merger came about based on several key factors identified by both companies. The cooperatives determined that pursuing a merger is the best way to maintain pace with customers’ ever-changing demands of reputable moving companies, full service movers, office relocation, and storage needs. The consolidation of the companies will help improve and expand service areas in order to meet the present and future needs of potential customers.

Full Service Van Lines (formerly Moving and Storage Accounting Services Inc), was established in 1986. The company experienced growth and acquisitions for many years and in 1990, the Full Service Van Lines brand was established. Full Service is of course a full-service moving and storage company, specializing in all categories of moving services including but not limited to, long distance residential relocation services, local moving, and commercial moving services. The company currently operates in several states and now, with the merger, has doubled both warehouse space and fleet size.

“This unification means growth for not only our companies, but also for the amount of customers that we can provide top quality services to for years to come. Our goal in all of this has been to do what is in the best interest for our personnel, our customers, and to provide a peace of mind to customers looking to move with a reputable company with now a combined 40 years experience” says Ryan Harlett, general manager of Full Service Van Lines. “The No. 1 reason to merge companies is to unite two of the top rated moving carriers which both have proven track records and to continue success for our customers, our employees and carry on the Full Service legacy as a whole.”

Expanding its territory east, north, and west. Remax Van Lines currently operates in 10 locations and consists of 13 straight trucks, three tractor trailers, and a 8,000 square foot state of the art storage facility.

“Our Board’s goal has been to do the right thing for our employees, for the members of our cooperative, and for future generations of the members of our cooperative. I believe that we have accomplished that goal,” says Grace Metzger, owner of Remax Van Lines.

“We look forward to serving the Remax Van Lines and Full Service Van Lines customers  with assets attained through this merger and with future equipment and facility investments that are in the development stages," says Metzger. “We’re also very eager and excited to welcome the Remax Van Lines employees into the Full Service Van Lines family.”

Media may direct questions to the following contacts:

Ryan Harlett, General Manager, Full Service Van Lines: Office: 954-510-3227 Ext. 2000

Jason Stokes, General Manager, Remax Van Lines: 866-228-0760 Ext. 3000

Media Contact
Full Service Van Lines
Now, go here and see the fictitious name filing:

Clearly, Remax is also Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. which is a Maxx Socher and Grace Metzger company.

Now stay with me.... and go here and look at this:

There is no "MERGER!"

BOTH Remax Van Lines and Full Service Van Lines are actually Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. The addresses are the same, the players are the same and the state of Florida has the proof.

I am not sure who Ryan Harlett and Jason Stokes are, but they are not the listed agents for these companies. Nope, indeed the listed agents are Grace Metzger- President and drum roll please Maxx 
Socher- Vice President.

I told Josh Socher I was a research expert. All the dots are coming together, and it all points to SCAM! I am still digging to see what his role in all this might be, for my own case against them.

Hope this information is helpful to some of the victims!

Stay tuned!!

Making It Easy for you!

Hello again!

I wanted to post a link, where you can download the actual form to fill out and file a complaint against Josh Socher, Jodi Socher, Joey Pino, Ryder Moving and Storage d.b.a. Storage and Moving Services Inc. if you have been one of there many victims!

Go here and download it, fill it out, provide supporting documentation, mail it back!

You should also go here and file a complaint

Be your own best advocate and help get these people in jail if at all possible!

As always, if you are moving, please check out this website for more information!

I Am Not Surprised To Find More Lies

Hey folks,

Wanted to give you an update, regarding Ryder Moving and Storage, a.k.a. Storage and Moving Services, which is owned by Josh M. and Jodi Socher.

As I posted the last time, Mr. Socher had been in touch, making promises to do the right thing, and clean up the mess he claims Joey Pino made. Well, as expected, after a couple emails, communication has once again stopped.

One of the things I explained to Mr. Socher that I expected was his full cooperation with the claim adjustors at Baker International. We took out a policy with them and filed a claim to have the furniture and items destroyed by Mr. Socher's company.

The response from him in an emailed to me dated, Friday, December 13, 2013 states (please excuse his lack of proper capitalization and punctuation):

"You mentioned you were dealing with baker insurance, in which case you must have taken out "full replacement insurance" as that was the company we had been using for customer's needing extra protection/insurance. Baker is a private company, in which when you signed up with them they actually take care of whatever damages you might have incurred from your move. If you need anything from me to provide to them for whatever reason please let me know Mrs Ward and i will do what i can to help you."
Imagine my lack of surprise when the adjustor called me and asked me for copies of all our paperwork, when she could NOT get a response from Mr. Socher. I let Baker know that Mr. Socher had been fined by the DOT and that as far as I could tell, the whole company was fraudulent and had several news stories out there about them.

Josh, Josh, Josh... what happened to that conscious you keep claiming you have when it comes to all the people your employees and company have hurt? More lies will not clear your good name or the name of your wife, who you claim has nothing to do with any of this.

It is really not surprising that there was a fine from the DOT and there appear to be several criminal investigations being conducted by the Florida State Attorney's office. I might have to give them a call and see if I can be of any assistance to them, provide them with copies of all our documents and offer to testify on the behalf of the other victims.

We did get our stuff back, but this fight isn't just about us and the hell we were put through financially. There are lots of people out there having a rougher time and my goal is to help them in ANY way I can.

But first, let's break for the news!! Go check this out... I will wait for you to get back!

Ryder Moving and Storage FINED by DOT- Can't Move Customers out of State

See, this to me is great news!!

Did you catch this part? "
"The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has revoked the interstate operating authority of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Ryder Moving and Storage, USDOT No. 2305174, for serious violations of federal safety regulations," said spokesman for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Duane DeBruyne. The company is also facing a $50,260 fine for safety and commercial regulation violations."
Here is an actual list of the violations, which I happened to email the company, including Jodi Socher about back in September!

According to federal regulators, the company was fined for the following violations:
395.8(a) Hours-of-service
391.45(a) Medical certificate
391.51(a) Driver qualification files 
375.205(b) Records maintenance 
375.207(a) False or deceptive advertising 
375.215 False or deceptive billing
375.221(a) Collection of billing charges
375.503(e) Billing records maintenance 
375.505(d) Retention of bills of lading 
392.9a(a)(1) Operating without USDOT authority
375.403(a)(7) Failure to execute binding estimate
Mr. Socher tried to complain in an email to me (exact copy and paste, so excuse his punctuation and capitalization mistakes):
"I have lost over $50,000 since our company has opened, so as much as you might think "i made out" it is just the opposite as i could not even take salary from the company but just invest more money in it!"
No, Mr. Socher, you were fined over $50,000, you did not just "lose it!"

See, as a business man, with many years of complaints about you specifically and apparently every moving company you have ever been involved in, one would think, that one would learn from one's past mistakes. It is called personal growth and doing the right thing. When you don't grow as a human being and repeatedly fail to do the right thing, there are consequences, Josh my boy! Sometimes those consequences are in the tune of $50, 260.00 and multiple investigations!

I am digging around some more today and as things pop up, I will come back with an update.

But before I go, I want to take a second and say that our experience so far with Baker International Insurance has been great! Our adjustor has processed everything, and we should have a check in a couple weeks to cover the cost of repairing all our antiques and replacing the items that have been damaged.

Once the check gets here and clears the bank, I will offer a more detailed review. I suggest that if you are about to move, check into your home owner's insurance to see if they cover any loss or damage in transit and if not, invest in a 3rd party moving insurance to save your sanity!

PS. I got a Christmas present without even realizing it! Sometimes the government sites take a bit to process everything!